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Give customers easy access to their information to enhance satisfaction.

Simplify project execution, improving team productivity.

Custom tools to streamline internal operations and efficiency.

Improve productivity and resource management with precise time tracking.

Give customers easy access to their information to enhance satisfaction.

Offer easy booking to clients, optimizing your schedule and resources.

Strengthen customer relationships with a CRM tailored to your business.

… and anything that makes your life easier.

It’s about you

Understanding your business is our top priority.
You envision, we create.
Let’s build a tool that actually benefits your company.

NoCode + Code

We combine the agility of NoCode tools with traditional coding for fast, high-quality development. Our hybrid strategy ensures your apps are not only performant and robust but also scalable, reducing both costs and time to launch. This approach enables us to quickly adapt to your specific needs.

How we work

We are coders at heart and engineers by training. When we create an app for you, we imagine building bridges, skyscrapers, and machines. We apply the engineer’s mindset we’ve developed over the past decade: everything we do is thorough, careful, and considers potential extensions.

Before we start coding, we aim to understand your needs, requirements, and business. We map everything out to identify potential friction early. We question everything. This might be tough.

This is where the fun begins. We bring your vision to life. Working in short increments allows you to see your app – your baby – grow. Using NoCode makes this process fast.

Like any machine, your app requires care to remain excellent and to improve over time. We handle this for you. Thanks to our extensive planning, extensions are straightforward, and scalability is a built-in feature.

We are no marketers. We are doers.

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If we do something, we do it right.

Hi! We are Franz and Max. We are engineers by training and have a passion for things that work reliably. Even as coders, we think of our products as machines. There’s no mentality of ‚If it works, don’t touch it‘. We pay attention to every detail. If you want us to build an app for 50 users, we ensure from day one that it can scale to 50,000 in the future. That’s simply in our DNA.

When we build your app, it’s with the care and commitment as if it were our own, aiming to exceed your expectations.


We chose NoCode tools not because we can’t code, but because we recognize the tremendous value in combining code with NoCode. This approach is especially valuable for business apps: we can work with the speed of NoCode but with the features and user experience of a coded solution.

Our technology stack

We’ve chosen WeWeb and Supabase for our technology stack. Find out why and how we integrate with other platforms.

Why do we work with WeWeb?

  • This NoCode platform offers unmatched customization capabilities

  • Maximum flexibility for tailored app development

Why do we work with Supabase?

  • Seamless backend scalability to support app growth

  • Enhanced flexibility with the PostgreSQL database

  • Comprehensive, built-in security and authentication for immediate, robust protection

What other integrations can we do?

We can integrate anything with a documented API, allowing us to expand your current tool stack, e.g.

  • Airtable
  • Google Sheets
  • Salesforce
  • Notion
  • Hubspot


The cost of developing an app is both very important and challenging, as it depends on the app’s complexity and the range of features required. Therefore, we cannot provide general pricing upfront. If you’re interested, please contact us. We’ll discuss your app idea to understand the scope and effort needed, allowing us to calculate the cost accurately. We’ll then provide you with a tailored and comprehensive offer ensuring you have complete cost transparency. Please feel free to reach out to us for a detailed consultation and pricing information.

That depends on the complexity and the required features of the app. The more complex and feature-rich the app is, the longer it will take. Generally, for a project of ’normal‘ scope, you can expect it to take 2-3 months from the project’s start until the app is ready.

In principle, we could develop an app using any tool. However, we have chosen a setup that combines the speed of no-code development with the highest level of customization flexibility. We found this ideal combination in WeWeb for the front end and Supabase for the back end. This provides us with a solid foundation, enabling us to build your app quickly and cost-effectively, without the need to familiarize ourselves with new tools for each project.

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